Company Information


APB Enterprises is a leading provider of solenoids and various inductors for the coin-op industry.

For nearly 5 years we have been working hard to provide coils, and quality parts to the coin op industry,  as well as the pinball hobbyist.



We currently have several machines in use daily creating coils and other various parts for our distributor network.

  • 2 MCS Controlled Bachi 115 Winders
  • 3 Bachi 115 Mechanical Winders
  • 2 Geo Stevens AM-319 Winders
  • 1 Tanac AW-8608 Multi-headed Coil Winder
  • 1 Aumann TC-1 Bench Winder
  • A ULS 25E Laser Engraver/Cutter
  • CNC Die Cutter
  • Roland Large Format Printer


If you are interested in distributing parts from us, or if you are an OEM in need of coils for products you are selling, please contact us at:


Our Team

We have a team of dedicated staff available to assist with your parts needs.


Our company started with our first kit, the Stern Pinball Knocker adapter and has grown into a supplier of quality parts and inductors. We now supply parts to multiple distributors and have grown into international sales.